Which Lotto to play on Internet

How Lotto Works

The lotto is a form of gambling which is popular the world over.  Participants buy tickets and lots are drawn to determine the winners.  Sometimes participants choose the numbers for their tickets and sometimes lotto numbers are assigned automatically.  While some governments around the world have outlawed lotteries, it is not uncommon to find governments that endorse lotto drawings and even regulate and operate the country's lottery.

Most lotto games have similar rules, whether you are playing in a state or country lottery or even an online lotto.  Participants buy tickets before the winning numbers are determined.  Winning numbers are drawn at a predetermined date and time and players that chose the correct numbers win.

Lotto prizes can vary.  Sometimes the prize is goods or travel.  However, more often than not the lotto prize is cash.  Some lotteries offer the "50-50 Draw"prize, which promises participants a prize of 50% of the total revenue from the lotto.  In this case, the prize grows larger as more people enter.  Sometimes the lotto offers a specific fixed-amount for the cash prize.

Lotto odds differ depending on the lotto format.  Your lotto odds can be determined based on the number of possible numbers, the number you are playing and the number of people who have entered the lotto.  It is also not uncommon form multiple people to win, in which case the lotto prize is split between winners.

Whether or not you win or lose, the thrill of the lotto is like no other!