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Donald Reighard - $1,000,000
Donald Reighard, a 52-year-old man from Crystal River, Florida has become the second person to win the $1 million prize in our daily WhichLotto game. Reighard, who was just laid off from his job a week prior to his big win, says "This couldn't have come at a better time." He plans to use the money to travel and pay some bills including the mortgage on his mother's house. Congratulations to our newest Millionaire!!
Karen L. of Bala-Cynwyd, PA is January's Car or Cash big winner! This little gal says she's gonna go for the dough and put it toward a car or fix up the house. Though she says she's still in shock from our surpise phone call, she wanted to give us a big thanks for "allowing us to have a lot of fun earning the icoins and for picking my name as a winner!" You're welcome Karen, and have fun with your $20,000!
Penny and Jon W. from California sure know how to party with the stars! Penny was recently the lucky winner of two tickets to the Hollywood premiere of "The 6th Day" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger! She and Jon got to sit among the celebs as the film lit up the screen for the first time and then partied into the night with Arnold & Co. at the afterparty! "It was an evening we'll never forget," she promised. Congratulations Penny!
Where in the world is Connie P? Is she doing the hula in Maui? Will you find her shopping for silver in Taos? Is she sipping a Tequila Sunrise on the sand in Cabo San Lucas? Who knows? All we can say for sure is congratulations, Connie! She's the latest winner of our 4-day trip "Pick Your Trip" sweepstakes, where you get to choose where you go on vacation. Since she lives in the chilly Northeast, we sure hope she chooses someplace sunny and warm!
Arkansas resident Sherry S. is one lucky lady! She won a choice of either a Volkswagen Cabrio or $20,000 in our latest Car or Cash giveaway! Sherry opted for the cash, and when we told the folks at the U.S. Mint, they were so excited they printed up this special one-of-a-kind $20,000 bill to commemorate the occasion! She wouldn't let us in on how she's going to spend her lucky loot, but she did remember to say, "Thanks, WhichLotto!"
Glenna B. is a lady with a big, big heart. She recently won our Complete Game Room, which included all kinds of fun stuff to fill up a rec room and make anybody's house the place to party. And what did this great lady do? She and her husband donated everything but the pool table to churches in their town for them to use in their youth programs! Congrats, Glenna, and thanks from us for helping spread even more joy!